Send us Your Rosters
and Get Connected

Send us Your Rosters

Connect the work completed in school with your families’ experiences at home.
Sending class rosters means each student will get the personalized experience of ABCmouse for Schools.

This is how you do it:

Use your School’s Management Software:

Email us or fax a spreadsheet of your classroom rosters exported from your school management software to 561-894-3662.

Do you use Procare Software? Download the Procare Extra to make it easy.

Your Classrooms Extend Learning Home

Offering the ABCmouse for Schools online curriculum improves retention by reinfocing what is being taught in your classrooms. Parents stay connected to what their child is learning in the classroom by the linked home accounts. Working on ABCmouse for Schools at home with their child lets parents see their child learning and growing. It validates their their decision to enroll at your school.

  • Special Rate.

  • Parent Engagement at Home.

    Lets parents engage in their child’s classroom learning at home

  • It’s Easy.

    Installation is quick & easy. Kid Orange Tech assists in the set-up process

  • Enhance Preschool Classrooms.

    Gives your teachers free ABCmouse for Schools classroom accounts

  • Support and Training.

    Get access to Kid Orange Tech Educational Advisors