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Any time is a good time to learn with ABCmouse. Once you receive your special redeem code, your child can access over 7,000 interactive online lessons. So, while you’re out running errands, your child can use ABCmouse on a tablet or smartphone in the car or even in the grocery store. Learn more here:

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ABCmouse helps you to turn screen time into a learning activity your child will love. Toddler Time activities allow you to play games, listen to songs, explore books and solve simple puzzles together with your child. Learn more here: (

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You can use ABCmouse at home to reinforce concepts such as patterns and counting that are the building blocks for reading and math comprehension. Click here ( to Activate your account now to begin using age­appropriate games, activities and books.

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Getting ready for Kindergarten is fun with ABCmouse for Schools! New activities are regularly added so your child will always have something new to discover. Learn more here: (

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