Extending Your Child’s Classroom Home is Easy and Fun!

Your child can use ABCmouse to reinforce the learning that takes place in our classrooms everyday. As an enrolled student, we are providing access to lessons on ABCmouse that easily fit into your busy schedule.


  • “My daughter is excelling and is completely captivated by every lesson plan she reviews on here! I am amazed! She also comes to us with random facts she’s learned. IMPRESSED!!!”

    — Mother of 3–year–old girl

  • “My kids love the integrated science content. The lesson path is very motivating to them. They want to do their lessons because they are curious about what the next environment will be.”

    —Mother of 2– and 3–year–old girls, and a 3–year–old boy

  • “This website is wonderful! I was hesitant to spend money with so many free ‘learning’ activities out there, but this is far superior to anything else my kids have played and they both LOVE it!”

    —Mother of 2– and 4–year–old girls


A-B-C is Easy as 1-2-3

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Download Your Free ABCmouse Apps

Available in Google Play or iTunes. To access the learning apps, use your ABCmouse account log in.